‘Butterflies I Haven’t Seen There’

 Yaniv Waissa’s self published book ‘Butterflies I haven’t seen there’ combines elements of a personal history with a poetic and approach towards what we all know to be a period filled with atrocities. Rather than photograph the more familiar remains of this time, Waissa has chosen to make quieter photographs which deal with other aspects of the Holocaust and the aftermath.

 Taking ‘The Butterfly’ by Pavel Friedman as a starting point and picking out the line ‘…but I haven’t seen a butterfly here’, Waissa  takes us on a personal exploration of this piece of family and human history.

  “This is my travel diary, as a person hiding behind a camera and picking his wounds and his national and personal history. It is also the journey of an entire generation to find the ability to cope with the trauma that brought us here and a way to create an identity in its’ shadow.”

  The small physical size of this book, and the polaroids which accompany it tucked neatly inside appeal to this sense of a personal diary and of an ongoing process.


 Butterflies I haven’t seen There by Yaniv Waissa
Self-published artist book
200 signed and numbered copies
15.2 x 21.6 cm (5.98”x8.5”)
Soft cover, 44 pages, digital print on 170 gsm uncoated paper

Copies can be obtained directly from: waissa.yaniv@gmail.com
Price: €15 (worldwide) or 65 NIS (Israel) including packing and postage.
For payment you can simply log on to Yaniv's PayPal account using the email address above.