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Klaus Pichler

Skeletons in the Closet


For the past three years Klaus Pichler has been working on a series called ‘Skeletons In the Closet’, focussing on the hidden pasts of the Natural History Museum in Vienna.

 Pichler’s series hones in on that curiosity many of us have about what happens behind the scenes of institutions like museums and galleries; in this case he found an ark of everything from sharks in corridors, cavemen on antique chairs to a bear in a lift!

 The book lends itself to this topic, appearing both like an entrance to one of these rooms  as well as one of the objects whilst giving a hint as to what might be inside.

 The photographs of the series highlight the random interactions we find between the stored exhibits amongst each other and their surroundings. ‘Skeletons in the Closet’ is a collection of sometimes absurd spaces accompanied by reflections on the bloody past of natural history museums.     

 Now the book of the complete series has been released. The work has gained worldwide recognition having been exhibited in international photo festivals such as Voies Off Arles, Delhi Photo Festival and the Circulations Festival in Paris and showcased in international magazines and online sources such as Conscientious, NY Times Lens Blog and by the BBC.


112 pages, 63 images, 21x21cm, hardbound, limited to 750 hand numbered

copies. Pictures by Klaus Pichler, Texts by Julia Edthofer, Herbert

Justnik and Klaus Pichler

€ 30,-/$ 40,- plus P&P


LIMITED EDITION, limited to 50 copies, signed and numbered

Book 'Skeletons in the Closet'

Print 'Monkey, Badger, Mirror', 20x25cm (printed on Hahnemühle Fine Art

Ultra Smooth Photo Rag, signed and numbered)

Fossil Shark Tooth in Display

Delivered in a customized cardboard box

€ 100,-/ $ 135,- plus P&P

available from Klaus Pichler's website