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Filipe Casaca

 Blue Mud Swamp


Blue Mud Swamp tells us a story of a remote Chinese city and its attempts to attract the upwardly mobile and young of China. Casaca’s photographs of the city, an area classified as ‘one of the best places to live in China’ by the Communist state, suggest a scepticism to this idea. Casaca has used the rich traditional symbols in conjunction with images of bewildered and sadly neglected zoo animals to great effect in showing  a more melancholic outlook to this classification.

Casaca has found subtle ways to simultaneously connect the ideologies surrounding this place to the torn utopia he shows us.  Even the presentation and cover of this piece, hardbound in a deep blue velvet and embossed lettering allude to a kind of decadence whilst mirroring the deep blue light in which the subjects and locations photographed are bathed in.

 Casaca makes a poignant reference to the book of Revelations, presenting us with a thought on which to meditate as we explore:


'Come and see'
And I looked, and behold the pale horse,
and he that sat on him was dead.


You can purchase Blue Mud Swamp from a number of locations internationally, or directly from the artist's website